Take it or leave it – my own music recordings.

I present also some of my music in Youtube as Mikexception. Here  I am going to pass some my own recordings which never have got   video clips as  for Youtube . I  learn how to play myself and it is a pretty long history. In past  I recorded just to enjoy it later myself. Most of them created in quite far from home places like Greece, Egypt, China   where I had been  working for years for bread and butter. These are  simple PC digital recordings of analogue sound done in „one track” technology with sound cards – no MIDI files, no processing, no replacements, no adding. Live  performance  music and vocal at instant time.   So in some of them  you may find  a bit annoying intervals needed for in fly re-arrangement of instrument settings. Anyway because I found that I like them I’ll try to pass this joy one by one  to others. .   Note: Using „enough”  headphones is a must – with small PC speaker  it’s disaster :) . Instruments used by be in chronology order from 1972  :Acoustic Guitar, Harmony, Casio MT-52,  Acoustic piano,  Yamaha PSR 400, Technics PR 130 Casio WK1800, Casio CTK 900, Casio MZ-2000. Actually I also use CME hammer action 88 keys USB  keyboard connected to MZ-2000 with MIDI cable.
In 2014 I supplemented my key instruments with sound module  GEM WK-2 which I use controlled with MIDI cable by CME UF-8. As previous  everything  is recorded to HD in live analog technology.

Update 2014 June 12: Removed recordings due to server overload

Update 2014-november 29

I present here again some recordings for enjoy

Upload 07 -2018 

Last time covers registered with reel tapes

MIke Batt – Soldiers song – my version with guitar (rec Uher)

Soldier song rec0726-230346

Moody Blues Melancholy man -my version with guitar(rec Uher)

Melancholy m 0726-212955

Chis Rea Tell Me There’s a Heaven – my version accompanied with WK 2 (rec Tesla B116)

Tall me there’s haven

Joaquino Rodrigez Aranhuez d’amor -my version  with piano (rec with Uher)

rec0519-D’Aranhuez piano

Composed and recorded by me in 2009 „Alexandria”


Creations with GEM WK-2 assembly:

„Movie theme”

music by author

„Psychodelic theme”

music by author

„Set the Control for the heart of the sun”

Lyrics by Chinese ancient poetry and mr. Rodger Waters/ music mr. R.Waters


„Braveheart theme”

Motive from.


 Piano songs

„Let it Ride”


Lyrics and music by mrs Chi Coltrain from album 1975 (cover)


Lyrics by mr J. Cygan music by mr.  R. Rynkowski (cover)

Creations with CASIO MZ-2000

„Window of my eyes”

Lirycs and music – Cuby and the Blizzards (cover)

„Toccata and Fugue theme variations”


Theme by Johann Sebastian Bach




An Improvisation recorded in August 2012

Update 2015 -02 -14

Pusty dom

By „Budka Suflera” (cover)

Am I Fool

By Frank Sinatra – (cover)

Bema Pamięci Rapsd Żałobny

By Czesław Niemen – (cover)

Update 27 March 2015


Song by Ryszard Rynkowski (covered by me ) Lyrics Andrzej Waligórski.

Fool No More

Song by Peter Green (ex Fleetwood Mac) (covered by me)


Update 15 Sept 2015

———-      Mix lato 2015   ———

6 „old” songs in one file (in raw)  performed by me . Authors: The Hollies (He’s not Heavy), Rodger Waters(In Strangers Eyes), David Mac Wiliams (Days of Pearly Spencer), The Rear Bird (Sympathy) , Alan Parson Project (Old and Wise) , Yes (Soon)

2014-november 29

Author’s musical instruments

Music performance and vocal is author’s hobby in free from profession time and last time starts to be most time consuming.

2014 GEM WK-2


2014 – at home Poland                        2014 at home Poland

 GEM WK-2 is created by author assembly of separate units purchased since 2006 till 2014 :

 1. Keyboard module – CME UF-8 made in China modified by him to resolve producers disadvantages („What’s inside UF-8″ – Youtube) . After new set of all electro-contacting  rubbers were obtained from China and replaced, it is now professional class 88 hammer type keyboard with aftertouch / drawbar and more than enough MIDI controllers – (2006)

 2. Sound module – General Music WK – 2 made in Italy hard disc arranger designed for real time MIDI control from MIDI keyboard with vocal vocoder and sampler Producer ended activity ( second hand – 2014).

 3. Amplifier – BM – DP 404 - made in China 2x 100 Watt, 20Hz to 50 kHz, 4 – channel power mixer with 15 reverberation  effects, mic inputs and tone/pan controls (2008)

 4. Speaker units – authors own unique wide-range construction based on two (one for each) made in Czechoslovakia  speakers ANP 568 5 Watts, produced about 1970 . Effective frequency band 30Hz to 10 kHz. Producer ended activity.( second hand 2014)

 5 Microphone: wireless GEM Sound GM-15 made in USA. 2007

 6. Stand – adjustible household chair for kitchen redesigned by adding   horizontal supports

 7. Control pedals: two on-off for sustain and required controls and one stage vocal volume redesigned as expression pedal by author.

2010 CASIO MZ -2000


                   At home                                                    At home

 2002 CASIO WK1800

With TDK subwoofer / satellite active speakers


2006 At home – Gdynia                2005 In Greece – Pireos

2006 CASIO CTK900

      DSC00623 PIC00406.JPG

                 2010 In China – Dalian             2007 In Egypt – Alexandria

2015 -01 – 15

Owned before instruments were

My first electronic instrument I purchased in second shop far from my country in Gulfport Missisipi USA. It was 1986 when I was merchant ship Electrician Officer . Since then my interests shifted from guitar to keys.

Casio MT-52

Casio MT-52

That MT 52 I sold in Poland in 1988

Next were Casio MT-210 purchased in Antwerp and sold in Peru in 1986


Casio MT-210

Casio MT-210


and Casio  MT 540 purchased in Chile – Arica 1988  – scrapped already

Casio MT 540

Casio MT 540

Then I purchased in Singapore in 1992  Yamaha PSR 400

Yamaha PSR 400

Yamaha PSR 400

Yamaha was sold in Poland in 1995

In 1994 in Dubai Arab Emirates for my daughter I purchased Technics PR170 which I played too -. In 2012  control system failed.

Technics PR 170

Technics PR 170

In 2002 decided to buy Casio WK – 1800 mentioned above.

2016 Aug 22

First touch in great return – again I have a guitar – this time really good one :)



2016 Sept 26

Amazing MIke Batt song  from Waterfall movie with polish translation

Prześliczna piosenka niesamowitego Mike Batta znana z filmu „Waterfall” ale ogólnie o o odchodzeniu. z tłumaczeniem tekstu na polski





207 myśli nt. „Take it or leave it – my own music recordings.

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